It is chi Baru print.[A digital print]
The sea of clouds of the Southern Alps(2) Mountain stream scenery(112) The flow of the Rocky thaw
A karst plateau of vision, Rocky A flow of Hikyo A good waterfall of the scenery
I sell it by follows.
There are size ... P15 and two kinds of the P10 degree.
■Gallery TAGBAT Tugboat of art sales of present age (mail order). The painting, the print, and the photograph of the topic are sold by 1,000 points or more.
・A gallery Koyama An art gallery in Jiyugaoka. I sell the picture of the famous writer, a print by mail order
■LASO Creator designer excavation and support site
■@Crieitarz Complete, free creator community site
I am exhibiting two points in Kimuraya art supplies shop
3-6-11, Chuoucho, Ooita-city(Than galleria Takemachi, an oasis tower)

It recruits the gallery having you sell a work.
Please contact it by an email.
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