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I draw a mountain stream, waterfall scenery, mountainscape mainly now. 300 points of number of the acrylic paysage works. There is the wall paper of the paysage, too.

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"Is it really an acrylic?" Emails called "come well, but it is certainly an acrylic watercolor. Paint is Riki wallboard.

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The receiving a prize career of these days
The 34th KINBITEN wining
a work R "Keirin no Yuugure"
Art Move 2007
An election for short piece picture contest case
a work A "Tonbo"
An election for No. 70 ooshio exhibition case
An election for godet Onomichi four seasons exhibition case of the No. 12 picture
An election for four seasons exhibition case of No. 3 Shinshu Takatou
An election for No. 10 memory potato chip picture contest case
a work O "The fantasy Spain country"
Fantasy paysage of Issey Okamura
5.12 12 points of latest addition
A wall paper corner
Do not you make acrylic paysage wall paper?

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